about IZZI

I think of myself as a creator, not an artist. For years, my creative medium was painting, but I had a dream one night that I could play the guitar and I have never picked up an instrument in my life. I woke up and questioned why would I dream such a thing?

So, I explored it. I took a guitar lesson and found that I loved playing and love to the challenge of expressing myself through music instead of painting.

Six months later, I had a situation that made me feel like I needed to write a song about it. Which at that moment, give me a sense of emotional relief like I’ve never felt before. It was at that moment I realized I was my own best therapist (and also realized I could save $200 a session - ha). 

I am enjoying this new expression I have, being able to sing and write words instead of just putting colors on a canvas. It is a new way to communicate. 
In this new era of my life, I have stepped into the unfamiliar and am constantly the new student. As hard as it is sometimes, I still believe that no matter how young or old you are... what ever your dream may be, Just DO IT! Don’t wait around. What are you waiting for?

I will be sharing the ups and downs of my adventures in music on this blog and I hope to find all the other dreamers out there, too!