What Inspires Me?

This is the big question that a lot of people ask, “what inspires you to write a song, IzzI"? This is a huge question to tackle, because I could go on and on for hours about what my visions are...but instead of doing that, I just respond by saying "LIFE"! I'm inspired by someone I meet, with a story I can learn from.

While on my trip to Europe this summer, and visiting Lake Como, Italy.... all my friends were asking, “have you seen George yet”? (George Clooney has a home in Lake Como and lives part time).  Ha!  No.  But, somehow our driver knew were he lived and offered to drive by George's home, why not?...sure. But, along the way, I had noticed an older Italian man dragging a large rock on a piece of round plastic, pulling it down the hillside.

Winemaker/grapegrower and me in Lake Como

I was much more fascinated by this man pulling a gigantic rock and asked the driver to pull over.  I was curious what in the world was he doing? (I have always been inquisative as a kid, so this wasn’t unusual for me to do)...  As I got out of the car, I first asked the man if he spoke English, which he responded "very little", but we managed to communicate the best we could.  He told me that by pulling this rock, and many more down his hillside, it would give him room to plant more grapes. He was a grape grower and made wine.  He told me to stay and he would be back.  As he walked closer, I noticed he was carrying a large wooden box with small little red grapes that lay in this case.  He handed me a grape, and I kid you not, it tasted like I was eating red wine.  Beyond heavenly. Unlike anything I had ever tasted! We sat for over an hour with a translator and I was able to hear all about this man's life growing up in Como.  This was one of the most memorable moments of my trip.  Inspiring in so many ways, and this amazing grape grower taught me that sometimes you have to pull heavy rocks to make way for new grapes to grow (or new songs to grow)!

If my goal was to only want to see George Clooney’s house and have blinders on, and not see this sweet man planting the thing he loved most, I would have lost the opportunity to taste a piece of heaven and meet a really inspirational person.  I would have lost a huge experience in my lifetime.  

I always just want to keep my eyes and ears open because I may lose a great story!

The world has so many inspirations right in front of us! Look around and take it in. Open yourself up to new experiences and take a risk to try something new. You are sitting in a pot of gold!!